Welcome to Aero Hawk, LLC. The hangar where creativity takes off. We are an enthusiastic team of drone artists based in Van Horn, Texas, obsessed with capturing spectacular aerial footages. Having a bird’s eye view of your commercial and residential buildings, we film and treasure stunning HDR-quality aerial and ground-level photograph and videos for you.

With a strong emphasis on media content post-production, we apply various “in the book” spatial awareness techniques and rule-of-third best practices to lock and render our perspectives into stills and motions. The drone artists at Aero Hawk, LLC love to narrate your stories through their lenses, exhibiting ninja-like precision and Picasso-like flair to every angle and detail we shoot.

Get the chance to work in close collaboration with drone pilots and video editors to bring your vision to life. Yes, we understand the significance of your project and push the boundaries to shoot spectacular visions. We shoot breathing 4K-quality, 1080p images and videos using top-of-the-line technology, software, equipment, and gears. Whether it’s a promotional video, or a Tik-Tok comedy, a construction site, or a solar farm, we have the tools and talent to produce video content that can be used in a broad range of industries.

Join us on our journey to capture stunning aerial footage that will leave you in awe. At Aero Hawk, LLC, the skies are the limit.

Aerial Photography

Soaring to new heights with stunning aerial perspectives.

Post Production

Bringing your visions to life through masterful post production.

Commercial Video Shoots

Capturing your brand's story with powerful commercial video production.

Promotional Video Shoots

Promoting your message with impactful and creative promotional videos.